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2nd-Jan-2015 02:32 am - Soo...it's been a few years.
Blaze the rat.
I'll just make a brief update. Why not?

I am living with my boyfriend of going on 4 years in April. I have had a string of jobs to make ends meet (past year was quite a struggle) currently a data entry temp job with the boyfriend. Once I got to working (finally) I never got around to finishing my illustration degree. I would *like* to get somewhere further with my art but...hasn't panned out. Hoping this year that will start to change.

I still have my cat Mabel and my dog Shiloh (who shows her age a lot more than the cat now)

I'm into aquariums now. Hoping to get this 55gal going when I'm not drowning financially.

I'm always on tumblr now. Username is greyviolet and art blog is jencampbellart. Would be cool if anyone I" knew" here followed me?
Is anyone still out there? Hah...:-/
1st-Jan-2012 02:05 am(no subject)
Blaze the rat.

This journal is friends-only. Comment if you want to add and I'll probably add you back. :)
28th-Nov-2004 05:42 pm - My art journal....
Blaze the rat.
Finally made it and posted in it.

Here tis - greyviolet

Yep, just like my email, but without the extra 't'.

Can friend it if ya want.
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